About us

‘’There’s an alchemical garden where my essence grows… Like a black orchid in midst of gaping vines, intertwined. With a vague light of silver moon glowing. Through vulnerable leaves as dark insight. A deep breeze awakens Fragrant damp petals of dewdrops. To inflections of purity & auroral, raw warmth. Amidst Shadow of bright essence…’’

- Trudy Wendelin

Dees Orchid

With a delicate, sculptural beauty and historical rarity, these exotic blooms carry an unrivaled symbol of refinement, luxury and mystery.

There are more than 25,000 different types of orchids existing naturally. Orchids are the world’s largest collection of blooming flowers, believe it or not. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Furthermore, about 99 percent of orchids are now accessible and cultivable, while 1% of tropical varieties still grow in nearly inaccessible environments and have only been seen a few times.

Except for one color, orchids come in every color of the rainbow. Global collectors continue to seek them out and trade them.

Orchids were once thought to have curing, disease-fighting, and defensive properties, making them an expensive and in-demand product.

At Dee’s Orchid’s we carry the widest rage of orchids you will find locally with a secondary greenhouse location in Sangre Grande.

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